family Collovini  The family Collovini producing quality wines since 1948. Tradition began with his great-
  grandfather Luigi and grandfather Emilio, then continued with dad Adelino. Now at the
  helm of the company's Stefano Collovini who has renovated the vineyards to 
  enhance the native varieties and safeguard their typicality. 
  The wines are produced exclusively with grapes from their own vineyards in the town of
  Lison, Pramaggiore and Gerosa, satisfying the ability to obtain wines of terroir and
  typical natural identity.

   The proposed new company Collovini are wines without added sulfites presented at Vinitaly 2014 response to the growing  
   consumer demand for wines 
   quality and more natural. 
   The ultimate expression of the company is represented by the Farm Gerosa, produced only in particularly favorable years. 
   Completing the range wines Adelino Collovini products with the vines of the area Lison-Pramaggiore.      
Stefano e Adelino Collovini

   Stefano and his family wish to convey their products with a great passion for
   their work and love for the area.


via Pordenone 194
30020 Pramaggiore (VE)- Italy
tel. +39 0421 799213
cell. +39 335 6507790
Partita iva: 02962440273